There are only two words that can perfectly describe the fascinating and mysterious figure of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele: he is without doubt a visionary genius. His passion is on the verge of obsession which leads him to become a whole with his unique creations. But who is the man that in less than three years has changed the face and destiny of the Italian fashion house – founded in 1920 by the Florentine Guccio Gucci- and whose appeal was slowly declining before his arrival? Michele has changed the role of the historical brand inside Kering, the global luxury group – making it become a cash cow – by introducing a new conception of fashion, that represents a mixture of different styles, pure art and divinely elevated poetry. Alessandro Michele is a dreamer and his passion is impetuous. He is instinctive, fiery and he has established himself as the anticipator of the spirit of our time, seizing what is artistically relevant in our century, depicting romantic dimensions, combining unpredictable images and associations that disturb and fascinate at the same time. He is a practical idealist, an emotionally intelligent and energetic creator. An artist who has committed himself to transforming his dark side. He has the capacity to transform rebellion into art, driven by a force that instinctively captures every single detail from works of art as he endeavors to find beauty everywhere and which is a vital necessity for his creative verve. Alessandro Michele is brave enough to anticipate trends without age, inventing a style and achieving an equilibrium by reinventing a visionary present which combines different eras. Passion is the leitmotiv that inspires him and thanks to his work Gucci is now the precursor of a modern-retro aesthetic revolution. His office is the place where desire meets the unthinkable and where the feeling of power of things, people and places helps the divine creation of the most amazing clothes that we punctually see on the catwalks. He is a dreamer, a mauvais garçon and he is always looking for new symbols in terms of beauty. A man who is open to contemporary and beautiful things, textures and vibes. The richness and the character of Gucci’s clothes are significant. The Fashion world, before Michele’s rebellion, was full of rules but He created his own private world with his personal vision. Alessandro Michele is like the patron saint of the artists, we could say that he’s a modern mécène as he has surrounded himself with a heterogeneous group of artists from all over the world. He promotes their work by doing capsule collections, like the new Gucci Campaign- Hallucination made by the artist Ignasi Monreal who guides us in a micro-universe where the characters taken from the history of art wear Gucci eyewear. Another example could be the Gucci Sir Elton John capsule collection: the rocket man has inspired Michele’s work and the checkered sequin jacket is now a must for this season. Michele plays with modernity and treasures the past and has appointed himself as our mentor enabling us to see a new world. If we were to celebrate Alessandro Michele with a song, we would probably choose “Praise you” from Fat boy Slim’s album “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”, because he has “come a long way, Through the hard times and the good” becoming the North Star of the Fashion System, preferring to invent his own legend.