On September 24, Gucci presented its Spring Summer 2019 Collection in Paris at Le Palace. The theatre is located at 8, rue du Faubourg-Montmartre and it is best known for its years as a nightclub where fashion, music, and underground culture intersected in a mythical blend.

The show is all about the beautiful spectacle of the present day, under the sign of rediscovery and existential crisis. The show begins with a film by Leo De Bernardinis and Perla Peragallo: a boy and a girl, in the grip of confusion. It feels true and disturbing, it raises questions. The lights go down and the models enter the theatre, walking among the spectators, they are close. Their steps their steps move on the voice of Maria Callas. The colors are intense. There clothes speak the language of France in 1800, American Pop and Post-Modernism. The models reach the stage. They are puppets, living and disoriented mannequins, waiting for their siblings. Black out. From the audience, a tumbling voice blurs some words in french, it is Jane Birkin singing “Baby Alone in Babylone”. The siblings come and join their motionless family on the stage. This time, Maria Callas is scratched with electronic music and confused by the noise of helicopters and screams.
The models keep going straight and get on the stage. That’s their destination and their destine. It is the chaos of Beauty, or perhaps the Beauty of Chaos.

It’s Gucci and that’s all of Us.


Photo: Gucci SS 19 Finale. © Gucci Stories (Gucci.com)