Dior’s SS19 fashion show was a real and complete performance. Maria Grazia Chiuri collaborated with the contemporary dance choreographer Sharon Eya. The aim was to make a blend between fashion and dance, dresses and bodies. All in a single and visceral movement.

Dancers and models created a unique world in the floral rain that naturally washed the stage in a cathartic instant. The clothes are the results of the encounter of neoclassicism, romanticism à la Dior, contemporary time. Colors include those of the nature and those of the city, from white to black passing through marvellous degradé. It starts with tunics and peplos and ends with hip hop bermudas, jackets and street bags.

It is all about the feminine journey that Chiuri brought us into since the beginning of her work with the French maison. This time, the body is at the centre in the research of the meaning that women have in the contemporary world. They are agile, independent and generous like the dancers prancing among the models. They come from the most precious nature and beautify the present-day with their eternal grace.


Photo: A moment from Dior’s Spring 2019 runway show. © Imaxtree